Principal's Corner

Principals Corner

March 2018

Our school is full of activity. In the fall the state offered small, rural districts the opportunity to apply through a competitive grant process for modernization funds. We applied and received a grant through Washington’s Small School Rural Modernization fund. The funding will allow for much needed window and front door replacement, as well as a new roof and HVAC system for the school. This will complete three projects on our five-year facility maintenance plan and substantially improve our building for several years, saving the district substantial dollars in ongoing maintenance costs. It will also allow us to tackle other pressing facility needs in the district.

After 30 years of service to our district we are saying good-bye to our portable and giving it a retirement to a new location! The portable currently houses our middle school, music/art classroom and library. We will be replacing it with a new unit that will better serve our needs. Our middle school and program needs have grown substantially over the past few years. A new portable will help us to meet our district’s needs.

Please feel free to visit the school and watch our progress this summer and early fall!

-Vicki Prendergast